You must first read and accept the following terms before proceeding.

Modern Equipment - Daily or Weekly Rentals
May 25th - October 8th
  1. All boats are due back at 5:00 PM SHARP unless rented for more than one day. You are solely responsible for all damage and loss due to wind, storm, theft, etc., if the boat is not here at our docks overnight. This will require you to move the boat in the middle of the night from the windward side to the Leeward of an island or dock when a strong wind comes up.
  2. Due to the high percentage of "NO-SHOWS", long term reservations of 3 or more days will require a deposit be made in advance.  This deposit can be in the form of a check or a credit card (MasterCard or VISA) and is NON-REFUNDABLE without 14 days notice.
  3. Reservations are accepted by mail, fax or email.  Since a signed reservation is required for confirmation, telephone calls should be for information purposes and used only when other methods are unavailable.
  4. If you must cancel your reservation, your deposit will only be refunded to you if you give us at least 14 days notice before your arrival.
  5. A security deposit will be required on all boats. Upon return of the boat, an inspection will be made and the deposit will be returned MINUS the repair cost of any damage done to the boat and/or motor and MINUS the NEW REPLACEMENT VALUES OF ANY LOST EQUIPMENT. You must return the boat in the same condition it was in when rented or pay for the difference.
  6. All security deposits and rental fees are to be paid in full before the boat leaves the dock. Non-reservation deposits can be paid by cash, check or credit card. Since the DEPOSIT IS A DOWN PAYMENT ONLY on major damage, we rent to FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE ADULTS ONLY.  RENTER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES ABOVE & BEYOND THE DAMAGE DEPOSIT.
  7. The propeller will be inspected both when you leave and when you return with the boat. ANY DAMAGE WHATSOEVER WILL RESULT IN THE PURCHASE OF A NEW PROPELLER. SEVERE PROPELLER DAMAGE will result in the LOSS OF THE ENTIRE DEPOSIT to cover internal hidden damage.
  8. NO INSURANCE IS CARRIED, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for all damage up to the replacement value of the boat and motor and for all accidents and injury to any person or property. Since boating and/or water skiing have many inherent dangers, extreme care must be taken in the operation and use of our equipment.
  9. NO REFUNDS will be made due to poor weather or if the boat is brought back ahead of schedule.
  10. ALL FUEL AND OIL IS EXTRA in addition to the rental and deposit fee. NO FUEL IS GIVEN FREE WITH THE BOAT. Tanks must be full when you leave and you must purchase fuel on your return to refill the tanks. WARNING: Some boats require a 50:1 gas & oil mix, please use correct fuel as required. If rental requires mixed fuel you must use gasoline with an octane rating of 89 or more & TC-W oil. If 50:1 is mixed using automotive oil and regular gasoline, you will be required to pay for a new short block.
  11. Breakdowns must be reported within the hour or normal contract charges will continue.
  12. If boat is a multi-day rental and comes in after hours, operator is responsible for tying up the boat. Any damage to the rental boat or boats nearby that occurs overnight due to incorrect tying procedures is operator's responsibility. Renter is responsible for all damages during period of entire rental, this includes damages at our dock while under your agreement.
  13. Pontoon boats must be berthed at the marina during night time hours. Overnight docking on campsites or private docks are prohibited.